About Matt Sapaula

Matt Sapaula

“Money Smart Guy” Matt Sapaula

America’s “Money Smart Guy,” Matt Sapaula, has devoted his professional career to encouraging people with the capacity to make educated financial choices and meet their short and long-term objectives for their financial futures. Over the years, Matt has grown to be Chicago’s go-to Financial Coach, and regularly appears on radio and television programs to answer questions and explain financial ideas and concepts.

Matt began his financial career in a large brokerage firm, and then shifted into a 1-on-1 financial and insurance advising role as President of Matthew Sapaula, Inc, where he personally instructed individual clients for over 11 years. Today, Matt has transitioned the focus of his entrepreneurial business once more as he identified the growing commoditization of his industry and how financial professionals were growing progressively reliant upon their licenses for income.

Matt now dedicates his life to instructing classes and advising others on a broader scale to help more people break through their financial dilemmas. He aids would-be and startup entrepreneurs in the financial services industry get real outcomes by implementing systems and processes to rate their endeavors from concept to maturity.


Entrepreneurship is the foundation of Matt’s business. His willingness to take risks, his desire to improve, and his motivation to continuously develop and manage his financial brand has been the key to his overwhelming success.

Matt Sapaula was first recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit when he was serving on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. During the tail end of his second enlistment, a retired Master Sergeant noticed Matt’s potential and introduced him to the world of personal finance and investments. Matt learned to transition his leadership skills from the Marine Corps and adapted them to the business world. He was deeply surprised when he made his first $400 — half of his military paycheck — in only 45 minutes!

Matt saw the opportunity for growth and quickly shifted into the financial industry as a full-time career. What inspired him was the ability to place more and more control of his future, for his family and finances, into his own hands.  It was the only way that he could feasibly add more hours into his day, build a business to leverage his newfound knowledge, and take back control of his life as a single father raising children at home.

Matt Sapaula finally felt in control of his future and wanted other people to feel that same sense of empowerment.

A Revolution in First Generation Mentality

The second milestone in Mr. Sapaula’s career came several years later when his business revenue first broke into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most first-generation Americans who have immigrant parents have the simple mentality of get good grades in school, work hard and become secure enough to give your children a better life.

But Mr. Sapaula represents a new kind of first generation mentality — that of entrepreneurship, innovation, and the drive to succeed beyond the bare minimum.

Since those early days, Matt has earned a loyal following and become America’s “Money Smart Guy” — the go-to guy for personal finances and entrepreneurship, one-on-one coaching, seminars, group sessions, and events. He has made guest appearances on NBC, ABC, FOX Good Day Chicago, and WGN Morning News to share financial tips and give viewers the tools they need to succeed. He has partnered with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to promote Money Smart Week, a week-long public awareness campaign dedicated to increasing financial education and helping consumers better manage their personal finances.

MSN Money and TD Ameritrade chose Matt as the financial coach to lead Chicago on the first ever personal finance reality show, The Invested Life. Also, Chicago Magazine honored him in 2011 as one of the inaugural 5 Men of Style for the influence he has made in the field of personal finance and entrepreneurship, his continued sense of sophisticated style and overall contribution to the city of Chicago.