Hybrid Entrepreneurship

What is hybrid entrepreneurship?

Hybrid entrepreneurship is the act of working a full time job while building a business on the side part-time.

Why should you undertake this extra responsibility?

The thinking behind hybrid entrepreneurship is that you will leverage your job in a way that helps your business but will also help you at your job. Being entrepreneurially-minded on your job will allow you to learn the skills that will help you grow your business and get further in your job because you can learn leadership skills. Building up a company by yourself will also give you experience in areas that you might not have a great deal of knowledge in or feel comfortable undertaking. Getting that experience not under the eye of your boss or supervisors will allow you to grow these skills, which can significantly help you at work.

Additionally, combining the two careers together will allow you to make more money and eventually, if you want to, leave your full time job and focus on your company.

Have the right mindset

In order to be an entrepreneur it’s imperative that you have the right mindset. People who are most successful as entrepreneurs are those who in the middle of stress and hecticness see opportunity as opposed to a disaster. They take that opportunity as a learning experience instead of letting everything crash around them.

Have the right kind of passion

Sometimes the kind of business that you want to start might not be the most lucrative or feasible one. Instead, you might have to start a business that isn’t necessarily the most interesting to you but rather is something that will help you do well. As an entrepreneur you need to be passionate about entrepreneurship and being a business owner. While it is obviously a huge plus to be passionate about what you company is doing, as long as you are passionate about making your business succeed, regardless of what you are doing, you will make it work.

While it can still be important to keep your job while starting a business for financial reasons, eventually you may want to just focus on being an entrepreneur. “The Rise of the Entrepreneur is Now” :

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